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What people say

“I love Franky! He was taught by an old-school carpenter so he really knows the right way to do things. He started doing some exterior repairs for me, which led to an entire roof replacement in one weekend! He impressed me enough to bring him inside, only to find out he could do just about everything: rough & finish carpentry, door installation & its hardware, tile, cabinetry, paint, appliances & even blinds. He is truly a Jack of All Trades! I have been building houses for 30 years and know a gem when I see it. Franky is our "Go-To Guy" for any and all projects!”

Denise M.
Remodel or Renovate One or More Rooms

"Franky and his guys were great, as always. Our job included both exterior (trim repair/Vinyl siding replacement) and interior projects (trim finishing/insulation/microwave ventilation and re-install) and all items were completed quickly and to our complete satisfaction. They are always friendly, accommodating, and professional. This was our third time using iConstruct and I'm sure it will not be our last!"

Ashley S.
Exterior/Interior Repairs

“We were looking to just repair our bathroom with the leaks from the tub and uneven floor due to broken tiles. But we decided to a complete remodel. The results speak for themselves. A bathroom that once annoyed me to even enter has now become a place to be proud to show off to friends and family because of the quality of the work.”

Joseph S.
Bathroom Remodel

“The work was done very professionally and everyone who has seen it has been impressed. And they had very good manners and our project is beautiful.”

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